Coca‑Cola HBC’s in-house mentoring programme has been given the seal of approval by Gartner CEB, who have turned it into a best practice case study for the industry.

The programme was singled out for several reasons, but primarily because it empowers mentees to own the mentoring relationship. There was also praise for how line managers are involved in the mentoring process and setting expectations, and how the programme takes care of both mentor and mentee development. The latter, often referred to as “reverse mentoring”, supports the learning and development of the mentors too and is recognised as highly motivational for participants.

The case study, titled Motivation-Informed Mentoring, has now been made available to Gartner CEB’s network of over 20,000 executives to help companies improve the effectiveness of their HR function, create a high-performing culture and build strong leadership.

“Enabling our leaders to develop others is a key part of our learning strategy. It’s how we continue to learn and grow as an organisation. We are proud to be cited by Gartner, to help other organisations improve, the same way we’ve been using this platform to learn and transform ourselves”. Sanda Parezanovic, Group HR Director