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What you’ll experience

Sales, logistics, finance, marketing, HR, production, IT, Public Affairs and Communications and more: wherever your passion is, we’ll nurture it and support you to upscale your skills and results by opening the doors to best in class global practices in the field, learning, assignments and opportunities – all in line with your pace, ambition, ability and preference. Grow at your own speed, climbing the top in your field.

What makes you a successful Professional?

You are a strong performer passionate about growing in your field of expertise, but even more about results that lead to success. Maintaining and even upgrading high quality of processes and work in your field are important to you. Matching experience and skills are prerequisite to work on a role, but across Coca‑Cola HBC’s teams, Professionals who are successful and engaged are…

Man and woman in a meeting room


Committed fast learners with a continuous focus on improving themselves - their knowledge, expertise, results and contribution.

Group having a discussion with Coca-Cola bottles


Team-players who plan and align with other team members and teams to ensure the best results. You build your credibility. You are trusting and flexible. Your team counts on you.

Man inspecting a Coca-Cola bottle in a production plant


People driven by results and by making an impact through their work. You achieve results because you can quickly solve problems and come up with an effective solution for business challenges.

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If you're looking for a role that will turn your passion for expertise into remarkable results, join our team.

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Grow constantly through every day experiences

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Typical selection process

  • 1 Apply for your perfect new job and if your profile meets the standard requirements for that role, we’ll ask you to complete some online tests to better understand your thinking, before we have a short call with you to learn about your motivation and ambition.
  • 2 Through tailored set of tools for the role you’re interested in (including a set of group or individual exercises, online assessments or tests), we get to know more about your skills and how they could help you become a successful professional and grow further with our team.
  • 3 Finally, you’ll have a face-to-face interview with our the HR team and your future manager. Here we see how all your skills, values and attitudes can support you grow a great career as professional at Coca‑Cola HBC.

Panos’ story

“Most people here think outside the box. They’re open to new things and are keen to listen to new ideas. The openness is really healthy and CCHBC is always looking to take the next step – to go further and evolve.”

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Benefits to your career

  • The place to master your skills and make an impact Become a leading expert - challenge yourself and expand your knowledge in a high-speed, dynamic and supportive environment, where leaders, meaningful projects and learning opportunities will stretch you to become an expert or expert leader achieving great results and contributing to society. Be open to learn and grow as you make your impact on results and communities.
  • Work with industry leaders As a multinational with strong success track record and growing portfolio of over 130 iconic global and local brands, we highly value and nurture expertise. It is vital to sustain our core business. Market success pushes us to always stay ahead, so leading practices and access to global industry knowledge of the Coca-Cola system will give you opportunity to see your skills quickly growing to top of the industry, while bringing results.
  • Full support for what you do Your team, leaders, tailored development processes and other teams will support you on your journey. Family-like and supportive environment enhances collaboration and respect for each other. Additionally, you will have clear signals of how you are performing and be fairly rewarded for your results, as performance is recognised at Coca-Cola HBC.


How do I apply for a position at Coca‑Cola HBC?

Click here to search and apply for jobs at Coca‑Cola HBC. You will be asked to enter criteria to search for jobs that may interest you. Once you find a job you are interested in and have clicked on the 'Apply' button, you will be asked to create a profile on our platform to apply for the job. Our vacancies are usually also advertised on local job boards, recruitment portals, LinkedIn or other locally relevant channels, so you could also use these channels to start the application process.

Have you received my application?

To apply for a role at Coca‑Cola HBC, click here and apply for the position you’re interested in. Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll automatically be notified of each step in the application and selection process. So, if you applied for a position, you should receive a confirmation email sent to the address you used to create your profile.

How will my career progress?

Given the wide range of roles, departments, markets and levels in our organisation, as well as the strong support from our leaders and colleagues, there are huge opportunities for career development at Coca‑Cola HBC. The direction your career takes depends on you, your potential, skills, ambitions, drive, and preferences. Let's find out together what an amazing journey you can take.

What can I expect at an interview?

The interview is usually one of the final stages of our selection process, where our team gets to know more about you, your experience and skills. For details of each part of the selection process, please see the selection process section above.

How do I get details about the job?

Once you search and find a job at Coca‑Cola HBC that you’re interested in, a page with all the available job details will open up. Any additional information will be provided if you are invited to an interview or if one of our recruiters contacts you during the selection process.

Is the position I applied for still vacant?

After each stage in the selection process, we give regular feedback to candidates. If you haven't received any feedback from us after the last stage you took part in, this means the position is still vacant and the selection process has not yet finished. You can check the status of all your applications at any time by logging in to the profile you created on this website.

When can I expect feedback?

After each stage of the selection process, candidates receive feedback from the Coca‑Cola HBC Talent Acquisition team either by phone or email. Candidates who have been interviewed can usually expect feedback by phone.

What is the status of my application? Where can I see it?

Once you’ve created a profile on our careers website and started the application process, you can log in at any time to view any changes in the status of your application.

I don’t fulfil all of the requirements. Should/can/am I eligible to apply?

Yes, we still encourage you to apply. We can then review your application and decide whether to proceed with it in the selection process.

How do I submit a CV?

To apply for a position at Coca‑Cola HBC, you must create a profile here. When creating your profile, you may also choose to import your data from your LinkedIn profile.

Can I apply for more than one role at a time?

Yes, you can apply for as many vacancies that match your skills, experience and career aspirations as you like.

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So, if you've got a drive to succeed, a willingness to learn and a winning spirit, why not join us?

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